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With Leah Dobkin


Leah Dobkin

A Legacy Letter workshop provides the tools and support you need to discover and reclaim your ancestral legacy and, at the same time, clarify your values and add a new purpose to your life.

We all have an obligation to future generations to record our personal values and family and community stories. By doing this we contribute to a more cohesive society. Join us to begin harvesting your legacy no writing experience necessary! The process is fun, revealing and probably one of the most meaningful workshops you will ever attend.

Workshop Goals

  • Describe the history of the Legacy Letter, and its many applications.
  • Consider why, when and how to write a Legacy Letter.
  • Identify the many benefits to writing a Legacy Letter
  • Overcome obstacles to writing a Legacy Letter
  • Review sample outlines and letters.
  • Conduct exercises and prompts to create your personalized Legacy Letter outline
  • Begin the process of writing your Legacy Letter.

Workshops and presentations are specially designed to meet the needs of a variety of workshop sponsors such as estate planners and financial advisors, business groups, health care facilities, foundations and other philanthropic and nonprofit organizations, retirement housing and senior centers, adult education programs, and religious organizations.


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