Leah DobkinI'm Leah Dobkin, and I'm delighted that you found my website. I hope you will find it interesting and inspiring.

I am one of those baby boomers who left a career after thirty-plus years to follow a completely different path. It all began in 2006 while planning a personal trip to Costa Rica to investigate retirement and investment housing.

My professional background was in aging, and I thought the Costa Rica experience could result in an interesting article for other pre-retirees. I pitched the idea to the editor of Kiplinger's Retirement Report.

The published article helped defray the cost of the trip. During my visit to this enchanting land, I met an American expatriate who built a public library in the tropical forest. His experience became the subject of my next article. One article led to another as I continued to meet fascinating people, businesses and communities. There was no turning back. I was hooked.

We're all inundated with bad news. So I write about positive community change and interesting people. My focus is on environmental, social and consumer issues with special emphasis on creative solutions and opportunities in an aging society. My encore career has led me to unusual places and experiences, such as hanging out with a horse logger and his family in the deep Wisconsin woods, constructing a hand-built log cabin, and hitchhiking passage on a 600-foot cargo ship through the Great Lakes. I invite you to learn more about my adventures. Come on aboard, click on anything that interests you and explore as much as you desire. It's like a mini-vacation!

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Soul Of A Port

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Ever since her sail boat drifted up against the mammoth docks in Milwaukee's harbor, Leah Dobkin has been enthralled by the evolution of the port and the city so firmly moored to it. From an era when it was a "Milwaukee Miracle" to make landfall without losing luggage to a promising future powered by alternative energy, Soul of a Port is steered by that same sense of wonder. And since the port's story is not just one of nuts, bolts and cranes, Dobkin's narrative is also well crewed by the characters who have given the place such a fascinating legacy. Settle in for an entertaining passage that includes a longshoreman's poetry, the Milwaukee Clipper's recipe for prime rib, a tugboat ghost story and much, much more.

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Watch out Oprah: "We would never presume to step on Oprah's toes, but Leah Dobkin's book would definitely be a choice of the Great Lakes-Seaway News Book Club."
Dave Sanders, Reviewer for
Great Lakes-Seaway News

No single institution can claim a more profound role in establishing this city's commerce and history.
Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee

From interviews with tugboat captains to a first-person account of life aboard a cargo ship, Leah Dobkin has produced an engaging portrait of an overlooked treasure in our midst.
John Gurda

Dobkin's vast knowledge of the Port of Milwaukee and her detailed descriptions of the local shipping industry of both today and yesteryear make Soul of a Port an engaging and enthralling chronicle that will captivate Milwaukeeans and non-residents alike.
Jenni Herrick, Shepherd Express