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My Top Ten Favorite Clips

1. No Goodbyes: A mother struggles to find a new normal after her 19-year-old "miracle child" overdoses on heroin, December, 2014
No Goodbyes

2. The Saw Dust Trail: On the backs of river rats and lumberjacks, Wisconsin became America's leading state for paper manufacturing. But economic changes threaten the industry. Milwaukee Magazine, February, 2010
The Sawdust Trail

3. Beat the Winter Blues Smart ways to survive the endless season and have fun doing it Milwaukee Magazine, February 2008
Cover Story: Beat the Winter Blues

4. Fein Times: Customers love it. Employees never leave. Fein Brothers restaurant and kitchen supply store is like a museum for foodies. Milwaukee Magazine, July, 2009
Kitchen Equipment

5. Who's Raising Our Kids: Parents or Corporate America? Designer/Builder A Journal Of The Human Environment, September/October 2008

6. Quinoa Comeback: A staple in Inca times, this nutritious, versatile "super food" is undergoing a resurgence in the Andes and beyond. Americas Magazine Articles, October, 2008

7. Move Over Willy Wonka Now there's Politically-Correct, Guilt-Free Chocolate Steve Wallace started a chocolate factory in Ghana that produces gourmet, slave-free, guilt-free, politically-correct chocolate. Organic and Wellness News, Spring, 2008 Page 10
Politically-Correct Chocolate

8. Log Cabin Chic Lures New Upscale Settlers These aren't your ancestors' log cabins. Julie and Mark Stamper built this log home perched on a bluff in the Colorado woods. Kiplinger's Retirement Report, September, 2008
Log Cabin

9. Time Is On Your Side Give an hour, get an hour-while the economy contracts, membership in time banks increases. Midwest/ Frontier Airlines My Magazine, July,2009
Time Bank

10. The Green Gang Suddenly, local governments and businesses are embracing green solutions and technology. The results could transform the metro economy. Milwaukee Magazine, October, 2008
The Green Gang

11. You Don't Have to Be a Zillionaire to be a Philanthropist:"Giving Circles" are a great way to have a positive impact on your community. ELDR Magazine, July, 2007
Giving Circles

Other Sample Articles:

Kiplinger's Articles:

Secrets to Renting Out Your Vacation Home
If you’re thinking of renting out your vacation home, beware: The rental market is more competitive than ever. May 2013
Vacation Rentals

Rent Your Vacation House to Raise Cash
Before Tim and I embarked on our new venture as landlords, I researched everything that goes into renting out vacation property. March 2011
Vacation Rentals

Bartering Takes Off Among the Self-Employed
Myrna and Tom O'Reilly eat at the best restaurants and go on exotic cruises without using cash or credit cards. February, 2010

A Dream to Move to Pacific's Mazatlan
Free discovery weekend to explore real estate investments and retirement in Mazatlan. October, 2009

Make the Most of a Garage Sale
A garage sale takes work, from figuring out the right prices to setting up enticing displays. August 1, 2009
Garage Sale

Send Your House to Detox
If you want to go green, buy chemical-free cleaners and pitch the pesticides. March, 2009
Home Detox

Livable Communities Meet Senior Needs April, 2008
Livable Communities

Family-Friendly 'Burbs
Turn Senior Friendly Programs provide chefs, home repair and other services to help suburban seniors age-in- place. November 2007

Deposit an Hour of Time, Reap Big Returns.
July, 2007
Time Bank

Turn Your Nest Into a Retirement Nest Egg
Reverse mortgages are on the rise, but watch out for the pitfalls. Use of reverse mortgages grows, but should you take one to pay for a trip to Paris or for a boat? May, 2007
Reverse Mortgage

When Neighbors Are Like Extended Family
Residents of co-housing development grow old together in a new style of commune. March, 2007

Retiring and Investing in Costa Rica - Paradise and Pitfalls: A House-Hunting Tale
Freelance writer Leah Dobkin describes her search for investment property in Costa Rica. November, 2006
Costa Rica

The Lure of Living South of the Border
July, 2007

AARP Articles:

The Forgotten Mourners
Why a grandparent’s grief can be especially devastating—and lonely. January, 2014
Forgotten Mourners

Time Is Money
Did you ever wish you had someone handy to drive you to the airport, fix your computer or teach you yoga? You could join a time bank. August, 2009
Time Bank

Save a Buck: Consider a Fair Trade Shopping Spree
June 24, 2008 - AARP Bulletin Today.
Fair Trade

Milwaukee Magazine Articles:

No Goodbyes: A mother struggles to find a new normal after her 19-year-old "miracle child" overdoses on heroin, December, 2014
No Goodbyes

Sweet Little Money Maker: The market for vacation rentals is stronger than ever, allowing part-time landlords to turn a not-so-easy dollar, April, 2013
Money Maker

Green Horizon: How Milwaukee's employers and educators are prepping for a more environmentally friendly economy, December, 2009

Cop Caper: The curious legend of Otzelberger Park: A story about the first motor cycle cop February, 2009
Motorcycle Cop

Story of a Harbor
The Port of Milwaukee is bigger than Chicago's and vital to our economy. It's our doorway to an exotic, international marketplace. March, 2009
Port of Milwaukee

Liquid Gold Milwaukee's hot new product is no desert mirage
A story about an age-defying, health-promoting, ancient, mysterious argan oil produced by a women's cooperative in Morocco and the first US importer. April, 2008

Seeds of change Fixing the world, one dollar at a time
Charitable Events Guide, page15, 2008
Giving Circles

Hemisphere Magazine (United Airlines):

Planting the Seed
Will Allen's Growing Power Puts healthy food on every plate. October, 2010
Planting the Seed

MyMidwest Magazine Articles:

Milwaukee Innovators, March 2009

GO Magazine (AirTran) Articles:

My Fair City
Local retailers are improving the lives of overseas producers,one cup of tea, one piece of jewelry and one cookie at a time. April 2009
Fair Trade

Ode Magazine Articles:

Time banks thrive in the midst of the recession
September/October 2009
Time Bank

Childhood unplugged: My struggle to save my kids from consumer culture.
In this issue, Leah Dobkin, mother of three teens, writes about losing control of her kids to corporate America, a fear many parents share. Find tips on how to regain control by teaching your kids about advertising and consumerism. April 2008 issue

Corporate Responsibility Officer Magazine (Previously called Business Ethics Magazine) Articles:

Chock-Full of Opportunity: Fair Trade coffee, tea and fruit are going mainstream in companies like McDonald's, Starbucks and Sam's Club as organizations certify producers in the developing world
The front label on your coffee can used to promise merely that the consumer would enjoy its flavorful, quality beans. But today a label often verifies that the vendor is Fair Trade Certified, and that consumers would be contributing to sustainable development, conservation and the support of coffee farmers if they purchase the blend. These days, some big names in retail are putting the power of their brands behind the trend. McDonald's, Starbucks and Sam's Club are among the companies that have joined the Fair Trade movement.
November, 2007
Fair Trade

Drawing a Bead on Artisans' Incomes For-profit World of Good gets crafty about building fair trade relationships in Asia, Africa and Latin America, encouraging cooperation and partnerships.
Christopher Sandifolo takes old coat hangers, tin cans and whatever metal he can scrounge to create street-wire art, a South African crafts tradition that lives on through a co-op, appropriately named Streetwires. In a country with a formidable unemployment rate, Streetwires provides training and support to formerly unemployed men and women who earn a living wage through this unique art form.
November, 2007
World of Good

Organic Wellness News Articles:

Emerging research develops edible food packaging
Autumn, 2009 page 17

The Quinoa Boom
Who could have predicted it? Until recently little-known, quinoa, native to Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru is now part of organic pasta, soft drinks, baby food, vodka, pet food and cosmetics. And the demand just keeps growing. Autumn, 2008 Page 4

Are Prices Fair Along the Quinoa Supply Chain?
A story about quinoa (pronounced keen-wah), an ancient botanical fruit of a herb often used as a staple by the ancestors of the Incas. It had been rediscovered and considered a "supper-food" because it is a complete, easy to digest and hypoallergenic protein.
Organic and Wellness News, Spring, 2008
Quinoa Supply Chain

WorkForce Management Magazine Articles:

How to Confront the Elder Care Challenge
The cost to U.S. business from the lost productivity of employees caring for elderly family members is more than $33 billion per year. Experts say the companies that will thrive in the future will adapt to this reality by implementing or strengthening HR policies and practices that improve both the bottom line and the lives of employee caregivers.
Workforce April, 2007

Madison Magazine Articles:

Time is Money
In these anxious days of faltering financial institutions, it's comforting to know there is a solid bank in Madison generating unusual amounts of wealth. August 2008
Time Bank

M Magazine Articles:

Chocolate with Heart
Q and A with Steve Wallace a Milwaukee resident
February, 2008

My Fair City
Milwaukee becomes the first Fair Trade City in the United States
March 2008
Fair Trade

Role Reversal: Baby Boomers Face Stress of Juggling Care of Aging Parents and Staying Focused On the Job
November, 2006
Role Reversal

Transitions Abroad Magazine and Articles:

Living in Costa Rica Current Opportunities and Risks
Leah Dobkin realistically describes the options for retirees, job seekers, and the availability of properties for potential expatriates. Transitions Abroad Magazine and September/October 2007
Costa Rica

Dancing to Her Own Tune: Many in Nosara, Costa Rica, Benefit From the Work of Beverly Kitson
Whether she is, building a public library in a small Costa Rican town, or helping American families escape the civil war in El Salvador, or pulling a seven foot snake from under her kitchen sink Beverly Kitson is up to the challenge.
Transitions Abroad

Common Ties Article:

The Tenacious Traveling Torah from Slonim
I've heard the expression what goes around comes around, but I did not completely understand the meaning until my Zaide (Yiddish for grandfather) told me this story about our family in Europe during the Holocaust... January, 2007
Traveling Torah

Diablo Magazine:

I'ts a wrap
A new edible food wrap might put the kabosh on plastic sandwich bags , November , 2009
Food Wrap

B'nai B'rith:

Welcome Quinoa to Your Passover Table
Did On a quest to find alternatives to Passover dishes made with matzah or potatoes?
Spring, 2010

Older American's Report:

AAA Uses Consumer Direction to Raise Funds
Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities: Grantees Say Aging-in-Place Projects Must Be Tailored to Local Conditions The term "Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities" conjures the image of an apartment building where people have lived for decades
Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

Bereavement Programs Offer Support For Aging Service Professionals
Saying it can help senior centers attract younger, more active members, a group that has pioneered a combination Internet-wired coffee shop and wellness center is taking its concept into two senior centers in 2005.

Café-Wellness Center Hybrid Expands To Senior Centers and Beyond
Saying it can help senior centers attract younger, more active members, a group that has pioneered a combination Internet-wired coffee shop and wellness center is taking its concept into two senior centers in 2005.

Senior Center Takes Over Strip Mall, Creating Customized Destination
Not content to be merely an oasis for seniors, a senior center in Des Plaines, Ill., is about to take over an entire strip mall and redevelop it along senior-friendly lines.
Strip Mall

Isolated Hospice Program Evolves As Area Becomes More Suburban
The Hospice of the Panhandle in Martinsburg, W.Va., serves a four-county, largely rural area, but that is changing as people move in from the Washington, D.C. area. As a result, the staff is retooling to serve a more diverse clientele.

The Perfect Storm National Council on the Aging (NCOA) Report:

Perfect Storm

Working Family Caregiver: Worklife Balance Starter KitPerfect Storm
Vital Aging Report, National Council on the Aging: Special Report: Effective Planning for Caregivers Power Point: The Quiet problem At Work: What is the Impact of Family Caregiving on Your Company


Duluth Magazine:

Renting Out Your Cabin
Money doesn’t grow on trees, but for me it sort of feels like it does. Pine trees, to be exact. March 2013


LivFun Winter 2015:

Where love never dies
No, you’re not hallucinating, crazy or in denial; you’re just creating a new relationship with your deceased loved one.


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