What type of writing do you do?

I write for national, international, regional and trade publications and web sites. I also write reports, press releases, grants and other business-related communications for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations and government agencies and departments. My latest writing path has lead me to Legacy Letters™.

What is a Legacy Letter™?

Legacy Letters are highly focused letters from the heart that share a person's values, life lessons and the influences that shaped both. The letter reviews the impact a person has had on a person's family and friends, business and community. Stories are shared. Insights are revealed. Legacy letters are tailor-written, and vary in length and design. They are for CEO's, community leaders, politicians, retired people or other exceptionally busy people or people who just don't enjoy writing.

Based on confidential recorded interviews, I carefully listen and write, and all you have to do is talk and review what I write. It is a collaborative process, but you have final say as to what goes into the letter. The result is a unique letter or book that pulls together everything you wanted to share with your children and grandchildren, but never did.

This is the time not to procrastinate and get your wisdom down on paper. You have a lot to offer. Give a gift to your family that can be passed on from generation to generation.

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Why should we work together?

I respect deadlines and often submit projects before due dates and never beyond. I am responsive, resourceful, flexible, creative, conscientious, tenacious, and will try to exceed your expectations. I am both fun and experienced, and I'm not afraid to tackle challenging or unusual projects.

Can you tell me a little more about yourself?

I'm glad you asked. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband, fifteen-year-old son and cat named Koo. My husband was a tennis pro and lived in Hong Kong and Japan most of his adult life. He is now an energy auditor, and owns and manages rental properties in Milwaukee. We built a log cabin on a beautiful quiet lake in NW Wisconsin, which we plan to rent to vacationers. If you are interested in learning more about log cabin rentals go to http://www.buckhornlakecabin.com or http://www.homeaway.com/346936.

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