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Legacy Letters April, 2011
A new project seeks to help people's personal wisdom live on for the ages. Writer Leah Dobkin is the founder of Legacy Letters™.

Soul of a Port January 2011
The Port of Milwaukee has long been a center of commerce for the city. A new book reveals some of the stories about the people, goods and culture of the port. Leah Dobkin is the author of the new book Soul of a Port: The History and Evolution of the Port of Milwaukee, published by The History Press.

The Sawdust Trail August 2010
Writer Leah Dobkin explains how the economic downturn is affecting one of Wisconsin's oldest and leading industries: paper manufacturing. Dobkin is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer who has contributed to international and national publications. Her article on Wisconsin's paper industry, "The Sawdust Trail," is in the current issue of Milwaukee Magazine. She spoke with Stephanie Lecci.

Fein Brothers August 2009
An old fashion kitchen and restaurant supply store profile

The Port of Milwaukee March 12, 2009
The colorful history and success story of the Port of Milwaukee

The Green Gang October 2, 2008
How Milwaukee, Wisconsin is pioneering public and private sector green initiatives

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