Here's my journey. Have you shared yours? Have your parents and grandparents shared theirs?

It is the worst thing to hear. You have cancer. I know that dizzy, knock you off your feet experience. I was diagnosed with Ovarian and Uterine Cancer on March 25, 2011. Prior to the diagnosis, I embarked on an exciting new project to help people write legacy letters. A legacy letter is a loving testament of a person's values, family stories and lifetime lessons and hopes you share with your family. Putting pen to paper about these intangible assets is a way to preserve who you are and what matters most to you. It is a way to be remembered and understood, and to make a real difference for your loved ones. A younger person can also write a legacy letter to an older person, such as a teacher, mentor or grandparent, explaining what legacy they received from them. Friends and family can create a legacy letter "tribute" gift for someone too. Priceless Conversations can be recorded and burned on to a CD and packaged into an attractive gift and lasting treasure.

Last spring, I canceled all my Legacy Letter workshops, speaking engagements and writing until I could regain my health and strength. I was treated at Froedtert Clinical Cancer Center. I am happy to share that September 15, 2011 was my last chemo session and I am Cancer free. I have rescheduled my canceled workshops and accepted to do more workshops, speaking engagements and legacy writing and interviewing assignments.

My first Legacy Letter writing workshop was for fellow cancer patients and survivors. Froedtert Hospital Foundation funded the workshop to enable it to be free for patients. The feedback was so positive that they have rescheduled another workshop. I have "graduated" from saving my life to helping people share theirs. I hope that the shine on my baldhead will shed light that there is life during and after cancer treatment by encouraging everyone to write his or her Legacy Letter or record a Priceless Conversation.

Now is the time to affirm the importance of your life and encourage your loved ones to do the same. There are a thousand excuses to procrastinate and become distracted. The good news is that we can help you accomplish this very important goal and make it fun, expedient and enlightening too. Our clients tell us that engaging in our legacy building tools is a profound and deeply satisfying experience.

Legacy building tools can strengthen relationships with family, clients, employees, donors, volunteers and board members. We challenge you today to not to bounce away from this web site, but to continue exploring the legacy building tools offered here and the many powerful applications.